Star Wars Top 5: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

This is the first movie of the new Star Wars era when Lucasfilm decided to make one movie each year. Rogue One is the standalone movie that follows this one so I decided that in a throwback kind of way I would review every Star Wars live action movie with a Top 5 favorite moments. I was nervous, excited and just plain anxious to see this movie come out, since we have been waiting for almost 10 years, hoping to get a new film. When they announced JJ Abrams as the director I knew that it would be at least good since I loved his reboot of Star Trek and his Mission Impossible III movie. And I know that there has been a lot of backlash few months after the movie saying it was too much like a New Hope, but it is one of my favorite movie in the franchise. The pacing in on part, the actors are perfectly cast and the visuals are spectacular.

1. Opening Sequence

As per usual, the movie starts with a small battle on a planet that will launch the story forward. And, in this case, it is done perfectly, because it gives the tone of the movie while introducing the story and the characters. We start by meeting Poe, our Resistance fighter, who will give the plans to find Luke to his best friend, a droid BB-8, setting in motion the story. Then we are introduce through a brutal action sequence our villain Kylo Ren and we see him using the Force and his lightsaber. Finally, we are introduce to our second protagonist Finn, a stormtrooper who will defect later on. He is fighting, but he seems confused, scared and he refuses to shoot innocent civilians. He is spotted by Kylo Ren. In on scene, all the cards are on the table. Finn is ready to defect, Poe is kidnapped, Kylo Ren is aware of both of them and the audience has been given all the necessary information. To me, this is the perfect introduction sequence and it’s in a battle sequence, so we don’t even notice the exposition too much.

2. Escaping Jakku

This action sequence is the perfect blend of modern special effects and old-fashion running away from explosions in location. When Finn and Rey are running away from the TIE fighters to get to the Millenium Falcon, it was a great idea to do it on location in the desert so it feels more real, more grounded. Of course, it all starts with the chemistry between the characters. It was a brilliant idea to have Rey fight Finn and get pull into this only because she met him and she had BB-8 with her. I also love the idea that Rey started to like Finn because he is the first because who gave her a hand when she needed help. And then we get to the Millenium Falcon chase itself and there is nothing like it, because of modern technology and CGI. It was use perfectly. The fact that they are zooming through Jakku adds to the tension.

3. Takodana

Maz Kanata’s castle is maybe a little, well, a lot like the cantina, but I still enjoy it a lot. The music they used was really cool and I loved that they go through the whole castle before landing on Maz herself. She is not what we are expecting, a small alien, but after few seconds she just gets everyone’s attention, including Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie. Also, at that castle, Rey discovers her first path towards becoming a Jedi. She finds Anakin and Luke’s old lightsaber and she has a vision in which we see the knights of Ren and Kylo Ren himself. It creates mystery around her character, making more questions than answering them which is good in a trilogy like Star Wars.

4. Rey vs Kylo Ren

This fight is interesting, because we know that there is more to the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren, but we are still not aware of it at the moment. We don’t really know who is Rey in this universe and how she relates to those characters. That being said, the fact that Kylo Ren is hurt makes this fight more believable since Rey isn’t trained yet. And I just love the moment when the lightsaber passes in front of Kylo Ren when he is summoning it and it lands directly in Rey’s hand. That brings even more questions: why is it answering to her? Also this is the moment, she believes and discovers the Force for the first time. Yes, she uses a quick mind trick on a stormtrooper, but against Kylo Ren when she is up against that ridge, she has to find it to beat him.

5. The Quest to find Luke

I like the connection between Luke and Kylo Ren, because it’s more than just master and apprentice. Ben Solo was the son of his sister and his best friend, so when he turned to the Dark Side, he didn’t just killed Luke’s hope of a Jedi Order, but Luke felt that he failed his family. As always, Star Wars is a Skywalker story and this is no different. Ben Solo is also the grandson of Darth Vader and he aspires to become him. Luke went into exile thinking it was better for the galaxy since he created and trained the monster that was Kylo Ren and he could not protect him from Rey. I love that we learn all of that before we meet him at the end of the movie. This way, when we see him, we already know that this is a broken man who has been living years in solitude. When Rey finds him at the end of the movie, it adds more questions, will he train her or turn her away? Does he recognize her?  Even if he is not in the movie, his part in the film, is greater than any other character.

So what do you think of Episode VII- The Force Awakens? I personally don’t mind the use of a “Death Star” once again or a similar plot, because we have new characters that are engaging, new questions that keeps us wondering what will happen in the next instalment and we are expending the universe based on maybe similar storyline. JJ Abrams created an action driven movie that introduce new characters yet gave enough space to the legend generation to keep us satisfied and that in itself is an exploit.



Star Wars Top 5: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

This is the Achille’s heel of the Original Trilogy for many including me. It is not as bad as Attack of the Clones, but there are many weaknesses to this movie including the return of the Death Star and the complete change of tone from the previous two instalments. That being said, the good things outweighs by far the bad ones in this film. This was supposed to be the epic finale of this spectacular trilogy, so in the end there are some let down, but I have to say that I was never bored or not entertained during the movie. It just lacked the iconic statue of its predecessor. To honour the arrival of Rogue One in the Star Wars Universe, this is the next instalment of my Top 5 favorite moments in each of the movies in this franchise.

1. Jabba’s Palace

When we see Jabba’s palace for the first time, there is some ressemblance to the cantina in Mos Eisley, because of the music and the people hanging around the gangster. Luke’s plan is a great idea to show the audience how powerful he has become. We understand that he plans ahead and tries to execute it and he even has a plan B with his lightsaber hidden inside R2-D2 in case he gets caught. As for the slave outfit, to me, it shows that Leia is ready to wear anything to save her friends and when the moment is right she will kill her captor with the chain he was using to control her. It shows how badass she is. Plus, there is a emotional moment between Han and Leia when they met again when he is out of his own prison. The escape from the Sarlacc’s pit is also a good way to reintroduce the new team that now includes Lando and show off how power Luke has become.

2. The Emperor’s Arrival

In the first two films, the main antagonist was Darth Vader and he was the villain leading the Empire. He was intimidating and impressive. When the Emperor arrives, the first thing we see is, Darth Vader getting down on one knee in front of him as a sign of respect. We understand immediately that he is the man in charge and even Vader has to take orders from him. We only saw a glimpse of the Emperor in Empire Strikes Back and like Vader, he is not completely a man, he was deformed by the Dark Side. Their interaction lasts only few minutes, but it is enough for us to understand how dangerous the Emperor is, because we see how submissive Vader is in front of him.

3. Yoda’s Death

This is a pivotal scene done perfectly well in this movie. We are standing in Yoda’s little house, so it feels familiar and intimate between the characters. Also, as promised Luke came back from his fight with Vader, proving that he did not fall for the Dark Side, showing his strength to Yoda. His death also means that there are no more Jedi except for Luke, so he is the last hope for the galaxy in a way. We also see a full body appearance by Obi-Wan’s force ghost explain to Luke why he lied to him and also telling him that Leia is his sister. In this one sequence, we have an emotional moment between two characters, before the last and final battle, and we are given some exposition that seems less obvious because of the death of an important character, Yoda.

4. The Final Battle

This is what the last two movies have been building up to. Yes, it has some issues, mainly with the Ewoks, but the pacing between the space battle and the one on the ground is on point. We follow the Rebellion as they fall into a trap set by The Emperor and Vader as Luke watch from the Death Star his friends being killed. It is a nice twist on a New Hope’s ending. It builds up the tension being the last movie we are not sure if the heroes will win. The fact that not wit and strategy, but the Ewoks saved the day, annoy me a little, because it looks a little bit ridiculous on screen. Yes, it is more kid friendly, but in Empire Strikes Back, it was Han’s quick thinking that got them in and out of trouble. It was the Leia’s badass, yet logical reasoning that got them out of the Death Star in a New Hope. In this case, it feels like a Deus Ex Machina. That being said, the effects are still spectacular and the space battle has gotten even more exciting since the New Hope.

5. Luke and Darth Vader

Luke is now ready to face off not only Darth Vader, but his father, and he wants to turn him back to the light. We see how Luke has changed from an impatient young boy looking for adventure to a patient man waiting for the opportunity to bring his father back to him. This lightsaber battle between them is intimate and personal unlike anything we have seen or will see in future Star Wars films. Then we have the Emperor who is trying to bring Luke to the Dark Side, but bringing his friends into a trap and by using his one true weakness: his need for his father. The fight feels grounded and since it happens in only one room it creates this claustrophobic element. And the ending of the fight is the perfect ending for Vader and the saga. By saving his son and killing the Emperor, in a way, Vader redeemed his soul and in his last living moment turned to the light. His death was necessary, because he gives more weight to his last action.

So what did you think of Episode VI – Return of the Jedi? I really enjoy this movie. It is my least favorite in the Original Trilogy, but it is still really entertaining. The last battle spectacular and it has two great key emotional moments. It has so many memorable moments and it is an amazing ending to a iconic trilogy.


Star Wars Top 5: Episode V – Empire Strikes Back

After seeing Rogue One, I decided to review every Star Wars movie and I must say that this is the one I was waiting for. I also think that in terms of ton it is quite close to Rogue One, since both are darker and the Empire comes out much stronger than the Rebellion at the end of the movie. And just like in Rogue One, in this movie, losing the battle at end of this film, means higher stakes at the beginning of the next one. Unlike other sequels, this movie tries to change the formula from the first movie by splitting the main characters and giving them different mission to developed different side of their personality that are necessary to the story.

1. Battle of Hoth

In Episode IV, we saw our first space battle, in this next instalment, we see the power of the Empire on the ground as well. This expend also the vehicles and the weapons both armies use like AT-ATs for the Empire and speeders for the Rebellion. Though, this shows how powerful the Empire, since the AT-AT is much bigger, and more powerful than the speeders. This also gives us a chance to see how clever the Rebels are when they use the cables on their speeders to bring down one of the AT-ATs. In this sequence, the special effects, using models, are spectacular, to this day. They feel grounded on the planet and not added by computers. Finally, this battle gives the audience the tone of the movie, that even if the Death Star was destroyed, the Empire is still more powerful that ever.

2. Luke’s Training on Degobah

On Degobah, we were introduced to Yoda for this first time and he is a great addition to the characters. It was a great idea to first introduce him as a crazy little creature and then show his real power as a Jedi Knight. Yoda is Luke and, at the same time, our last link to an older time, to the Republic when the Jedi Knights were at their height. Yoda brings a more philosophical and spiritual strength to the franchise, explaining the Force by training Luke. With Yoda, we finally understand how powerful you can be by using the Force when he uses it to lift an X-Wing even if he is quite small. To me, this is the best way to explain the Force. It is mysterious, but learning to control it will make you stronger than your adversary.

3. The Plot Twist

If you ask anyone what is the best plot twist of all time, it always comes back to this famous line: No, I am your father. For someone living in this day and age, it seems almost impossible to keep something like that a secret, but I would have loved to have been in the movie theatre without knowing it in 1980 with everyone else. Imagine if you had to wait 3 more years to know if Vader was telling the truth to Luke. Also, to me, this is the ultimate win of the Empire over the Rebellion. Yes, Vader did not turn Luke to the dark side, but he did hurt the Rebellion by making Luke realized how close he is to it. Now Luke is afraid to become is father when he is training, yet he knows that he will have to fight him at the end of the day to end the war. It burdens him even more.

4. The Asteroid Field

This is a cool chase scene, because the hyperdrive is broken and they are trying to fix it while evading the Empire. It is a tense scene and thrilling because the director is switching between nerve breaking scenes between asteroids and calm scenes between Han and Leia to put emphasis on the action. It starts with one problem: the Empire is chasing them and then they add another one with the asteroid field and then another and it continues on and on for a long time. And it is never boring, because of those calmer moments between those exciting sequences. This is how you build the tension. Without those calm moments, the sequence would not be as tense. Also, like on Hoth, it is not technology that will save them, but ingenuity when Han hides with the garbage, before the Destroyer goes into hyperspace.

5. Banter Between Han and Leia

The banter between them is a way to release the tension between the action sequences during the movie. There is great chemistry between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher which gives us hilarious and entertaining interactions. We also see them evolve from Episode IV through Episode V and how much their relationship changed. Unlike the relationship between Padmé and Anakin in the Prequels, it doesn’t feel cold and clinical between them. And it doesn’t feel sudden when they kiss or they say I love you, since the attraction is shown in the previous movie. So at the end of the film, it pays off, it doesn’t feel corny or cliché, because we have seen in the last 2 movies how close they have become. Well it might be a bit corny, but it is part of the charm.

So, what did you think of Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back? Like most Star Wars fan, this is my favorite instalment in the franchise. The story and the characters are engaging, the writing is clever and the action is thrilling throughout the movie. We get to see a darker side to the war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The special effects are still amazing to this day, making us believe that Star Wars might be real.


Review #2: XXX – The Return of Xander Cage (19 January 2017)

I have no words to say how much I hated this movie and this is coming from someone who loves the Fast and Furious franchise. I went in expecting a dumb action flick, but this was way beyond expectations. There is something to be said when you come out of an action movie such as this laughing at the unintentionally dumb dialogue or the terrible editing. I wanted to enjoy this movie so much, because I really like the first one. It was a fun, yet over the top movie about a extreme sports and spy agency. Yet, in this one, I was bored for most of the movie. How can you go so wrong with that type of premise? Anyway, this is xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

This is the sequel to the 2002 movie xXx and the 2005 movie with Ice Cube xXx: State of the Union. The first movie was as I said before, not perfect, but a good action flick. It has great visual and a fun story. It is meant to be a little be extreme and over the top which makes it so great. The second movie Vin Diesel was replace with Ice Cube and it was meh. I honestly only saw it once and I thought it was a bad story and a little bit boring. This third instalment is the continuation of the franchise with the return of Diesel. He and his gang are working for the government looking for a device.

This is a simple premise so why is it so hard to get it right? I have to say that the 10 first minutes with Xander Cage in this movie are enjoyable. It is the only action sequence that is well edited and it feels like there is a flow through the sequences. It’s the scene with the skis at the top of the tower. That is enjoyable. Then it all goes downhill. It doesn’t feel like someone took the time to even write a story, they just went along and made the movie. A lot of scenes or plot points just go nowhere. We go from one scene to the next and they are not even connected together in the story, making it quite hard to follow. As for the dialogue, some lines are the worst I have heard in decades.

Of course, the acting in this movie is not helping. The only good actor is Donnie Yen who is amazing. Some of his lines are wooden, but it is not the worst. I enjoy watching him doing martial arts throughout the movie. He was actually the only likeable character and of course he is badass. I was excited to see Vin Diesel come back in this role, but here, it just looks like he is clocking it in. I know how cool he can be in the Furious franchise, but he puts no effort in saying his lines and his actions sequences seem lazy. Nina Dobrev plays a nerdy character and she is barely memorable and quite annoying with time. Ruby Rose had few funny lines, but not enough to make her likeable. The other characters are either barely in the movie or they are cardboard cut-outs so I can’t remember them.

Finally, the introduction to the character was stollen from Suicide Squad and it just felt lazy, like the writer and the director had no idea what else to do and they didn’t want to write something original, so they took it from that movie. It was lazy then and it is even worst now. Plus, the information given was pointless, so what was the point anyway.

What did you this of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage? All in all, I thought it was one of the worst movie I have seen in a while. I like Donnie Yen and one action sequence, but that is not enough for me to like this film. When I went to see this movie I expected a popcorn flick like Fast and Furious, but instead I got Transformer: Age of Extinction.


Star Wars Top 5: Episode IV -A New Hope

This is the movie where is all started not only for George Lucas, but for most of us. Rogue One stopped only few moments before Episode IV started, so when I came out of the theatre I wanted to see this movie more than anything. As I watched the whole series again, I decided to do a Top 5 of my favourite moment in each of the films. This is a timeless movie, because it reinvented a genre that was becoming tired, and Lucas made it the biggest blockbuster of all time.

1. The Opening Shot

To this day, special effects cannot uphold to that sequence. You can feel the imposing stance and form of the Destroyer hovering over the camera. Immediately we are intrigued by the story and the owner of such an imposing ship. It takes most of the screen, moving towards a small planet far away, following and then swallowing a smaller ship. As soon as we see it, we know they are the “bad” guys, because the Destroyer means power over the other small ship. That’s what filmmaking is all about, images tell the story better than words.

2. The Rescue of Princess Leia

We have met our three main heroes before in the film, but this is the first real test they will face together. So we get an idea of their dynamic and chemistry together, and since they are faced with a dangerous situation, we explore quickly their real personality. We learn that Luke is still the optimist, naive farm boy who is craving adventure, and that Han is this cool smuggler who has seen it all, so he thinks he knows it all. And we have Princess Leia who we know that on one side is royalty and distinguish, but on the other side, does not mind a good fight and kicking ass to get what is necessary for the Rebellion. This all come together in one sequence.

3. Darth Vader

The most recognized, if not the greatest villain of all time. He has become part of our pop culture and he is known across the world. There are many reasons for that: the music, his voice played by James Earl Jones and his costume together, they create the perfect monster. He is only in this movie for 12 minutes, yet in our mind he is the main antagonist. The first scene explains why this character became this iconic in our mind. When he arrives, the music intensifies and the background noises stop, except for his breathing. We focus only on him. With his helmet and his cape, he seems imposing and intimidating. Then the first thing he does is interrogate someone and then kill him. We know that he is in charge, he has also powers that we do not understand. He is mysterious. We are attracted to those qualities in him. This is why I love Vader in the Original Trilogy, we only learn what is necessary, the rest is a mystery.

4. The Death Star Battle

It is the best space battle of all time. The only flaw the first time I saw it was the exhaust port where they shot the torpedoes to blow up the Death Star, but it was explained in Rogue One, so now I have no more complaints. The sequence feels futuristic, because of the spaceships and the battle station and the lasers. Yet, there is something familiar with the battle itself, because Lucas used World War II plane technics that was recorded to create his own battle. He recreated complete sequences from documentaries in his own movie, only in Lucas’ film, it happened in space. Also, I have to say, that I like the clean up and the special effects Lucas added in the Special Edition of the movies. It makes them look a little bit less dated without changing anything to the action itself, only the colour and some effects. And using trenches around the Death Star is brilliant since it can be use to build the tension, never knowing if the character will make it to the end. This is how you build a finale in a movie.

5. Destruction of Alderaan

This is a key scene in the movie, because we now understand how powerful and dangerous the Empire is. We understand how impossible it is for our heroes to defeat them. Also, later in the movie, when the Empire is about to use the Death Star again, against Yavin 4 and the Rebellion, we understand that there is no chance of survival if they are hit. So, when we see how little time they have to destroy it, we are sitting at the edge of our seat, hoping Luke will hit his target. When Alderaan is destroyed, it also gives a higher purpose to Princess Leia. Of course, she is part of the Rebellion, so she wanted to bring the plan to the  Rebellion and she would give her life for them. But with Alderaan destroyed by Tarkin and Vader, it becomes personal for her. She has lost her friends, her family, her home. So she will take the pain and turn it against the Empire. The Death Star becomes the greatest obstacle the Rebellion and Leia herself has ever seen.

What did you think of Episode IV: A New Hope? With this movie, Lucas didn’t just create a blockbuster that will make millions, but a huge Universe that everyone has a chance to explore through books, movies, music, comics, games or TV shows. It was a new creative world with characters with whom we connected and a great villain that will stay in the mind of generations for the next 40 years.


Star Wars Top 5: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

This is the movie I was excited to see with Episode IV since Rogue One is happing during the time between both of them. Seeing Rogue One made me realize that I had not seen the Star Wars movies in a long time so I decided to take each live action movie and do a Top 5 of my favorite moments in each of them. I already did Episode I and II, and now I can finally relax and safely say that the worst is behind me. This movie is actually a pretty strong entry in the franchise since we finally get to see how the Republic and the Jedi Order fell, and how Anakin became Darth Vader. The story feels more complex and it focuses more on action sequences since it happens during the Clone War. In my opinion, this is actually, the only relevant and interesting movie when it comes to Anakin’s turning to the Dark Side.

1. Order 66

This sequence is perfect even if we don’t really know the Jedi who are being killed off by the clone troopers, because Lucas lets the images tell the story, there is no dialogue, he lets the music accentuate the emotions. You really feel how powerful Palpatine has become and the consequences that will lead the Republic to its downfall. They are now being hunted by their own allies which is an interesting concept itself that was more developed in the comics. I love how Lucas used the lighting and the camera angle to create a dark and sombre feeling without making it gritty. Also, when I watched the Original trilogy, I always thought that a war had happened between the Empire and the Jedi Order, but instead it only took two words to turn an army against its general.

2. The Opera Scene

This is the best and the most crafted scene of the prequels that actually adds something to the Star Wars mythos without being a special effect. This is about Anakin emotional turmoil and his need for more power. The Darth Plagueis story that the Emperor tells Anakin is mysterious, interesting and creates even more questions about Anakin’s birth that backtracks a bit on midichlorians. We get an hint of Anakin and Palpatine’s relationship. For once, the dialogue feels smooth and it flows. We understand that he is manipulating Anakin. The tone is perfect, since it’s dark and creepy, yet at the same time it’s soothing and calm since they are at the opera.

3. Anakin Skywalker vs Obi-Wan Kenobi

I love the idea of this sequence, but there were some problems with the execution. The action at first was great, but after few minutes, it is still the same and then it only becomes ridiculous. I love that at least this sequence has stakes compare to the fight with Darth Maul and there is a deeper connection between both men. We finally see how much damage the Emperor did, how much he manipulated him to think that Obi-Wan turned his wife against him. And it also connects with the Opera scene when Palpatine told Anakin that when the Dark Side he could learn few tricks to beat his master and all he had to do is finish the job. It is an interesting connection that is not enough exploited. Once again, it puts too much focus on the gimmicks of the special effects and not enough on the pain and the anger that both characters are going through.

4. Opening Space Battle Sequence

This is the best battle of the prequels and we finally have a worthy space battle. For once it feels more like a space adventure than C-SPAN. To be honest, it’s only on the list because I love the special effect, because the editing is to fast and choppy making hard to follow the action. I also like that without too much explanation and straight into the action we see the new relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The banter feels more fluid and funny. It feels like they have been through many battles together during the Clone War that now Anakin is closer to be Obi-Wan’s equal. It’s a fun and entertaining way to bring the audience up to speed with what has happened since the last movie.

5.Anakin’s Internal Conflict

This is the final outcome of Anakin’s conflict through the prequel until he finally becomes Darth Vader. During Episode I, Anakin sees the Jedi as the saviours of the Galaxy and to them he is the Chosen One. He is only studying and using the light, yet he is unstable. Then in Episode II, Anakin still wants to become a Jedi, but he feels a pull to the Dark Side and we get a glimpse of that when he kills the Tusken Raiders. He starts doubting, not the Jedi Order, but he owns ability to stay away from the Dark Side. And finally during Episode III, Anakin is being pushed to his limit. On one side, the Jedi Order does not trust the Emperor or his relationship with him, so they want Anakin to spy on him. He craves more power, but the Jedi Order does not trust him. On the other side, he is being manipulated by Palpatine who uses his doubt and he amplifies them, then he promises him more power. That conflict is fascinating to watch throughout this movie and the trilogy when you go back again.

So what did you think of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? I think this movie deserves to be part of the Star Wars Universe. The story is far more interesting, the pacing is much better and we get more character development. The dialogue is still problematic, but it’s not as obvious since it’s more science-fiction than romantic comedy. All in all this is a great conclusion to a pretty abysmal trilogy.

Doctor Who Christmas 2016 Special Review

Episode Christmas Special: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Yes, I am a bit late for this review, but it took me a couple weeks to digest how much I hate this Christmas special. For the first time since I started watching this show in 2010, I was left speechless at the end of the episode wondering if I might have wondered in the wrong universe for one moment. But no, unfortunately that was our show for 2016 and when I saw the reviews online I was bewildered. Many people loved it and I could not understand why since everything fell so flat for me, but I guess that’s why it’s my opinion.

Now, I loved the last Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. I thought it was a great ending to a brilliant character. It was far from perfect, but the chemistry between her and the Doctor was amazing. So, when I saw the first trailer, I didn’t really know why Doctor Who would follow the Superhero trend, but at the end of the day if the episode is good I don’t care. Though, in this case, the jokes felt forced and I just didn’t feel that excited to see it. And I was right, from storytelling to the dialogue to the characters themselves, it was a big mess.

As I said before, it could be interesting to mix superhero with the Doctor, especially if you are doing a satire. The thing is to do a satire you must understand and master the code of the genre you want to parody and Moffat does not. To me, it felt like a CW spinoff show and even then it would have been canceled. Since Moffat didn’t understand the basic laws of the genre, he was not able to build on it or makes funny jokes about it. Everything felt either flat or it looked like they just tried to do the genre, but it didn’t work.

Then there was the dialogue. Why is it so hard for screenwriters to show us the action instead of talking about it. It was 1h30 of exposition and boring backstory that went nowhere. We were at the half way point and we were still introducing new informations about characters and the story itself, new plot points. The story was standing still and it went nowhere. I was never invested in the characters problem because I never connected with them. They were cartoony representation of cartoons. As for the Doctor, he was barely in the episode and when he was there, it was always about the two idiots with their stupid love problems. I want to see the Doctor in action solving problems, not sitting at a table explaining everything, the whole plot to the audience. That’s boring.

The only alright thing about this episode is Nardole, only because he was not annoying me and I like the actor. I want to see more of his adventures with the Doctor, not the other two idiots. All in all, I just don’t understand why it took them one year to write this special. I like that they tried a new idea, but the structure of the story is always the same, so it only becomes predictable, and boring. Let’s just hope for a better series 10. I really went with an open mind wanting to love this Special, but it just felt completely off.


Star Wars Top 5: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

As I said in the previous instalment of this on going series, I am watching once again every Star Wars live action movies, because Rogue One got me really excited to revisit Episode IV being a prequel to that said movie. This is not a regular review since I didn’t want to only have dark thoughts for the next few days. Instead, I am doing a Top 5 of my favorite moments in each films. In this second part, I will review the worst of the worst Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This is not just boring, Lucas wanted to make a romantic comedy with a creepy love story at the center of it. It’s a terrible idea, because Lucas cannot write good dialogue, there is no chemistry between the leads and oh right THIS IS STAR WARS!

1. The Death of Anakin Skywalker’s Mother

This is a pivotal point in Anakin’s storyline, since it’s the first time he turns to the dark side. As a Jedi he is supposed to be a calm and rational being, but instead he lets anger lead his action after his mother’s death. He ends up killing every single Tusken Raiders in the camp where he found his mother. Anakin was scared of losing his mother which we saw in the first film and the fear turned into anger and that lead him to the dark side even for one moment. We get our first glance at Darth Vader, before he becomes again a whiny brat in the next scene. Hayden Christensen’s acting is on point here since he is not talking and we do see his transformation. The only issue I have is that we don’t see him kill the Tusken Raiders which takes away from his power, we only hear him whiny about it.

2. Jedis Are Finally Fighting Together

The battle between the Droids and the Clones is pointless because they are both expendables machines, but what makes it fun is the arrival of the whole Jedi Order. In the Prequel, the Jedi Order is in its prime, they are powerful, so it’s great to see them fight together on the battlefield. The only problem is that there is no teamwork except for Anakin and Obi-Wan, so they look like cool super soldiers. In Episode I and most of this movie, they are still talking, and it’s great to finally see them do something, anything. Since everything is CGI, it doesn’t really feel organic, it all looks choreograph, but since it gives them more leeway, I can get pass it.

3. Jango Fett

I have mix feeling about this character. Since Boba Fett is his clone son, now I know what he looks like under the mask and we see him as a child which I actually hate. It is pointless to have his son there, except to say “Hey isn’t that the guy from the Original trilogy? Why is he there?”. Anyway, when Jango is fight Obi-Wan outside, the action itself is pretty cool since he uses the gadgets in his bag pack. That being said, when he is inside, which is most of the time, he only gives exposition and he is boring and pointless. So, he was not necessary, but his action sequence was still nice to watch.

4. The Zam Wessel Chase

It’s a fun chase sequence that I enjoy for few reasons even though it’s kind of pointless in the story and it’s only there to showcase the new CGI that now feels really dated. I love that we get to see more of Coruscant and this time around during the night. It feels a lot like the nightlife in New York, but with a more alien twist. Compare to other action sequences, this one is well thought out and the editing is clean, quick and exciting. Once in the bar, Obi-Wan does once again his Jedi mind-trick which is for once a nice call back to the Original trilogy and actually a funny exchange. The cars don’t look futuristic or alien to me, but more like they are straight out of a cartoon.

5. The Arena

No jokes, this one is even weaker than the least two, because I am running out of good things to say about this pile of crap. It is fun and somewhat entertaining to see how Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan who are strapped to a pole will get out of that situation when there are alien beast attacking them. We can see that Padmé who doesn’t have the Force can still hold on her own and help the other two as well. Here, she is not some damsel in distress that Anakin has to keep safe. Yes it’s obvious that they are in a studio with CGI, but it’s not really annoying, since the characters are distracting us from those effects. And since we care at least about Obi-Wan and maybe about the other two, we are invested in their survival.

So what did you think about Episode II: Attack of the Clones? I believe that nothing, no angle can salvage this piece of shit. The story is still boring, since people are still sitting in semi-circle and talking, but Lucas decided that he wanted to do a British romantic comedy IN SPACE. The dialogue is at its worst, the special effects have become dated and I had a hard time finding 5 good things about this movie. So I give up. I hate this movie, period!


Star Wars Top 5: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

Now that we are getting one Star Wars movie per year, I decided to watch the 7 movies once again, especially since Rogue One happen right before Episode IV. Now, I decided not to do a classic review of those movies since it’s way too easy to start a two pages rant about the prequels and forget that there are some good things in those movies too. They are just well hidden. So, I decided to do a Top 5 of my favorite moments in each of these movies. In this first instalment, I will take a look at the first prequel movie, Episode I: The Phantom Menace which is seen by many fans as the worst, but in my opinion, it will be coming in the next part, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The biggest problem of this movie, Lucas does not follow the first rule of screenwriting: Show don’t tell. Oh, and also the dialogue is terrible. It’s a mix of both.

1. The Famous Pod Racing Sequence

The whole sequence is brilliant, because CGI really has it’s place and it was ground breaking technology at the time. It really does feel like watching Ben Hur, but in a galaxy far, far away. It was a good idea to do it on Tatooine, since we already know the inner working of the city and the power of the Hutt, well if you have since the Original Trilogy. It adds to the mythos of the planet. It’s also a clever way to show how connect Anakin is to the force without dialogue, even if they explain it before and after the race again. I don’t agree that it was too long, since the visuals on screen are keeping us excited.

2. Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul

This was the high point for everyone in this boring pile of crap. If the pod race was not for you, this kept you on the edge of your seat. The Vader and Luke lightsaber battle was great, because it had an emotional depth to it, but with the technology and a martial artist as the bad guy Lucas had more liberties with the choreography. And then adding the double edge lightsaber was fantastic, says the 10 years-old in me. It adds intensity and shows his skills as an apprentice. Of course, we know that Obi-Wan will make it, but the fate of Qui-Gon is uncertain which makes the fight suspenseful and exciting. I love how grounded it feels, because instead of only using CGI, it is in fact three people fighting each other. The only problem I might have is that sometimes it feels a little bit choreograph.

3. Anakin Skywalker and his Mother

There is one scene that stood out in this movie and it’s when Anakin is about to leave his mother to become a Jedi. He is just a naive child so he makes promises to his mother that he cannot keep and she knows that, but she gives him hope anyway. Of course, if the actors and the directions would have been good, this scene would have been spectacular and more emotional. This connection will become Anakin’s first step to the dark side in the next movie, so this shows how he feels leaving his mother behind as a slave. For once, I have to say that Jake Lloyd is good in this scene since we feel his fear and apprehensions.

4. Exploring New Worlds

In the Original trilogy, they didn’t have the budget or the technology to go on many planets in one film, or even on different parts of one planet. So Tatooine is only a desert and Hoth is only an ice planet. Though, with CGI, Lucas can explore his vision which makes the Star Wars universe feel bigger. Only on Naboo there is an under water city, a forest, a city and a huge fields. And we see Coruscant which is the center of the Republic and a brilliant idea, the whole planet is one big city. Lucas uses the spaceship to zoom through the city and exploring the many sights.

5. Padmé, Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon Jinn

Those are the only three good new actors in this whole movie and even then Natalie Portman could have done better with more directions. Though, the best casting is Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi since he has the same mannerism and personality as Alec Guinness in the Original trilogy. Plus, he is a real badass especially in the third movie, even if his one-liners did become annoying with time. He has great chemistry with Liam Neeson who played Qui-Gon Jinn. That character might not have been well develop and its purpose might have been only to sprout exposition to move to plot forward, but he still had that cool and badass Jedi attitude. In this movie only, I like Padmé as a character since she takes decisions for her planet and she is in the middle of the fight. Then it goes all to Hell in the next two movies.

So what did you think of Episode I: The Phantom Menace? Personally, I don’t hate it, I just find it boring and it doesn’t feel like there are any stakes for the whole galaxy in this movie. Most of the time, I don’t care about any character and I just want to see the kickass lightsaber battle. To prove a point, the most memorable thing about this movie is Jar Jar Binks and all for the wrong reasons.


Review 1: Why Him? (23 December 2016)

This is the type of movie you see with your mates over the holidays and most of the time, those movies are terrible. At best, they give you a couple of laughs. Last year, we had the movie The Night Before by Seth Rogen and it was pretty funny. It is a Christmas themed movie with pot and alcohol jokes in it. So don’t get your expectations to high and you will enjoy it a lot. This year it was James Franco’s turn to make a Christmas movie, Why Him? with Bryan Cranston and it might not be as funny as The Night Before, but I did laugh a few times. That being said, I expect a terrible movie and it turned out to be alright, so it’s not a masterpiece, let’s get that right.

The story is pretty basic, a girl, Stephanie played by Zoey Deutch who is close to her father Ned played by Bryan Cranston, invites her family to meet her millionaire and eccentric boyfriend, played by Franco, in California. Yes, it’s pretty simple and it’s been done a billion time, and probably much better in the past. Without even trying, you can predict the ending and there is nothing intriguing there. I really don’t believe people should focus on the screenplay aspect of this movie, because it feels tired.

The best thing about the movie is the animosity between Franco and Cranston who plays the father. Franco is the same narcissist boyfriend that he played before, but in this movie he is a computer genius who cannot understand the social WASP standards of the American society. The father and Franco both live in different world. The writer is trying to bring a social commentary, but it ends up being a joke in itself, a weak, but interesting satire. And yes, there is some slapstick comedy and some childish humour, but it is not the main focus of the story, making the jokes feel more diverse and crafted. Though, the characters are all caricatures and there is no effort to develop them, I could never be invested in their problems. It was really all about the jokes.

All in all, yes, this movie made me laugh, but I won’t remember it in a few days. It felt similar to movies that I saw before. The best thing about it was the chemistry between James Franco and Bryan Cranston, but there is nothing interesting about the characters themselves. The girl, Deutch, was not memorable, she never had a key scene that made her hilarious. That being said, if you want to laugh and have a good time with some friends, this is the movie you should see.