Star Wars Top 5: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

This is the movie I was excited to see with Episode IV since Rogue One is happing during the time between both of them. Seeing Rogue One made me realize that I had not seen the Star Wars movies in a long time so I decided to take each live action movie and do a Top 5 of my favorite moments in each of them. I already did Episode I and II, and now I can finally relax and safely say that the worst is behind me. This movie is actually a pretty strong entry in the franchise since we finally get to see how the Republic and the Jedi Order fell, and how Anakin became Darth Vader. The story feels more complex and it focuses more on action sequences since it happens during the Clone War. In my opinion, this is actually, the only relevant and interesting movie when it comes to Anakin’s turning to the Dark Side.

1. Order 66

This sequence is perfect even if we don’t really know the Jedi who are being killed off by the clone troopers, because Lucas lets the images tell the story, there is no dialogue, he lets the music accentuate the emotions. You really feel how powerful Palpatine has become and the consequences that will lead the Republic to its downfall. They are now being hunted by their own allies which is an interesting concept itself that was more developed in the comics. I love how Lucas used the lighting and the camera angle to create a dark and sombre feeling without making it gritty. Also, when I watched the Original trilogy, I always thought that a war had happened between the Empire and the Jedi Order, but instead it only took two words to turn an army against its general.

2. The Opera Scene

This is the best and the most crafted scene of the prequels that actually adds something to the Star Wars mythos without being a special effect. This is about Anakin emotional turmoil and his need for more power. The Darth Plagueis story that the Emperor tells Anakin is mysterious, interesting and creates even more questions about Anakin’s birth that backtracks a bit on midichlorians. We get an hint of Anakin and Palpatine’s relationship. For once, the dialogue feels smooth and it flows. We understand that he is manipulating Anakin. The tone is perfect, since it’s dark and creepy, yet at the same time it’s soothing and calm since they are at the opera.

3. Anakin Skywalker vs Obi-Wan Kenobi

I love the idea of this sequence, but there were some problems with the execution. The action at first was great, but after few minutes, it is still the same and then it only becomes ridiculous. I love that at least this sequence has stakes compare to the fight with Darth Maul and there is a deeper connection between both men. We finally see how much damage the Emperor did, how much he manipulated him to think that Obi-Wan turned his wife against him. And it also connects with the Opera scene when Palpatine told Anakin that when the Dark Side he could learn few tricks to beat his master and all he had to do is finish the job. It is an interesting connection that is not enough exploited. Once again, it puts too much focus on the gimmicks of the special effects and not enough on the pain and the anger that both characters are going through.

4. Opening Space Battle Sequence

This is the best battle of the prequels and we finally have a worthy space battle. For once it feels more like a space adventure than C-SPAN. To be honest, it’s only on the list because I love the special effect, because the editing is to fast and choppy making hard to follow the action. I also like that without too much explanation and straight into the action we see the new relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The banter feels more fluid and funny. It feels like they have been through many battles together during the Clone War that now Anakin is closer to be Obi-Wan’s equal. It’s a fun and entertaining way to bring the audience up to speed with what has happened since the last movie.

5.Anakin’s Internal Conflict

This is the final outcome of Anakin’s conflict through the prequel until he finally becomes Darth Vader. During Episode I, Anakin sees the Jedi as the saviours of the Galaxy and to them he is the Chosen One. He is only studying and using the light, yet he is unstable. Then in Episode II, Anakin still wants to become a Jedi, but he feels a pull to the Dark Side and we get a glimpse of that when he kills the Tusken Raiders. He starts doubting, not the Jedi Order, but he owns ability to stay away from the Dark Side. And finally during Episode III, Anakin is being pushed to his limit. On one side, the Jedi Order does not trust the Emperor or his relationship with him, so they want Anakin to spy on him. He craves more power, but the Jedi Order does not trust him. On the other side, he is being manipulated by Palpatine who uses his doubt and he amplifies them, then he promises him more power. That conflict is fascinating to watch throughout this movie and the trilogy when you go back again.

So what did you think of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? I think this movie deserves to be part of the Star Wars Universe. The story is far more interesting, the pacing is much better and we get more character development. The dialogue is still problematic, but it’s not as obvious since it’s more science-fiction than romantic comedy. All in all this is a great conclusion to a pretty abysmal trilogy.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Top 5: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

  1. Great review, thanks!
    I watched all three prequels after Rogue One, and found that, perhaps due to all the hating on the web, I had over the years come to judge the films a bit too harshly – or perhaps it was just the shock of the stark contrast between them and the first three movies that put me off when I first saw them. But they are, in fact, pretty decent space opera films. However, the one thing I do find very hard to swallow is the way Anakin is portrayed – especially in the final film, but partly the second. His complete turn-around just isn’t realistically handled. The fact that he also comes across as a constantly whining brat when he, at the same time, is supposed to be one of the most trusted and talented Jedis of the universe doesn’t gel. I’m also aghast at the transformation of Padme, In the first film she is portrayed as a tough-as-nails intergalactic diplomat with all sorts of schemes and strategies going on. In the second she is suddenly Xena, Warrior Princess, but in the third film she is suddenly reduced to a stay-at-home mom, brushing her hair on the balcony and sobbing in her luxury penthouse, just waiting for her husband to come home and take care of her. How did this happen? And as some blogger wrote: If Anakin is mortally afraid of her having a miscarriage; why don’t they go see a doctor? The robots are able to make mechanical limbs and all sorts of medical wonders, they probably should be able to carry out a C-section. But most of all, it’s just the fact that the way this film portrays it, I just don’t buy Anakin’s turn to the dark side. Which is a shame, because made by a better script engineer than George Lucas, this might have been a really wonderful story to tell. And I feel sorry for Hayden Christensen who got a really bad rap at one time, when it really was the script that was failing, not him.


    • I completely agree with you, especially when it comes to Padme’s transformation. She was a great female character in the first and second movie, but he ending turned out to be a disappointment. I never really thought about the robots and the C-Section, but it’s a pretty big plot hole in the movie.

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